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Werner Erhard is one of the great thinkers of the modern era, having impacted, for decades, the area of individual and organizational effectiveness throughout the world. These images pay tribute to his life's work of transformation.


Werner Erhard is a leading critical thinker in academic and corporate communities. His ideas provide new possibilities to thinkers and practitioners in fields as diverse as philosophy, business, education, psychotherapy, third world development, medicine, conflict resolution, and community building.




Werner Erhard leading in USSR

In 1979 the Werner Erhard Foundation launched the US/USSR Project, designed as an educational exchange to explore the principles of communication, management, and creative thinking with the people of what was then the Soviet Union. Werner Erhard was invited to conduct the first of many courses and lectures in Moscow, under the auspices of the Znaniye (All Union Knowledge) Society—the prime vehicle for education in the (former) Soviet Union.




Werner Erhard In USSR








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“The problems we have now in communities and societies are going to be resolved only when we are brought together by a common sense that each of us is a visionary. Each of us must come to the realization that we can function and live at the level of vision rather than following some great leader’s vision. Instead of looking for a great leader, we are in an era where each of us needs to find the great leader in ourselves.”



werner erhard - dalai lama

Werner Erhard and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in a public presentation on October 19, 1979. In his talk the Dalai Lama stressed the central importance of compassion in Buddhist thought and practice, noting that the message was simple, "but not so easy to practice.... yet people can be trained. People can train themselves to act with human compassion combined with wisdom."

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Werner Erhard and Professor Jonathan D. Moreno discuss Werner Erhard's ideas and work in this engaging video filmed at the University of Pennsylvania in 2016. Watch the video here.





"For several years before his latest professional reincarnation, Mr. Erhard consulted for businesses and government agencies like the Russian adult-education program the Znaniye Society and a nonprofit organization supporting clergy in Ireland.

Werner Erhard in The New York Times

Werner Erhard and BuckminsterFuller

"Making the World Work for Everyone" Presentations by Werner Erhard and Buckminster Fuller, in 1979




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Werner Erhard India 2010

Werner Erhard delivered public lectures on Leadership in New Delhi and Mumbai India in November 2010.

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Werner Erhard



“At all times and under all
circumstances we have
the power to transform
the quality of our lives.”

- Werner Erhard




Werner Erhard and John Denver



Making The World Work for Everyone (1979) - Seven presentations in seven cities were given in which Dr. Buckminster Fuller, and Werner Erhard exchanged views on how the individual can be effective in making the world work for everyone.

Werner Erahrd & John Denver

Werner Erhard and John Denver on The Tonight Show in 1973




Werner Erhard 1980

In his work to develop an approach to performance that will predictably produce breakthroughs, Werner Erhard says, “If you seriously examine any action, you find there are always two sides of it: the side from which you can explain it and the side from which you can produce it"

Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard




Werner Erhard: Transformation

Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard


Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard started a revolution about empowering people to take responsibility for their lives and the world around them.

Werner Erhard 2009

Werner Erhard has been creating transformational models and applications for individuals and organizations for over 35 years.



















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